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Noise is voice desired and felt to bother. Noise which continues will cause hearing trouble even happened deaf remain to or is permanent. Problem of the felt is difficult of sleep, difficult listen voice in crowded room and tinitus. To overcome and prevent trouble hearing of activity effect required by usage of APT (Appliance Protector of Ear) precisely and correctness.

This Research Design use correlation method – sampling method the used is sampling random. Taken sample counted 82 responder that is employees [in] part of production (twisting) Company of Thread Tootal Indonesia (COATS) Town of Pasuruan in July 2009. This Research data [is] taken by using and observation of check list. After [in] is tabulation [of] data exist in analysis by using test of chi-quadrate with meaning storey; level 0,05.

From result of test of chi-quadrate got by value count x2 is assessing the tables of x2 at df 6 significant level 5% is 12.392 so that chi-quadrant count bigger than chi-quadrate (20.059 > 12.392) its meaning of H0 refused and H1 accepted. From result of sign asymp got by result 0,003 where bigger than this 0,05 matter of indication of H0 refused. Become, there are old relations of activity at noisy presentation with hearing trouble.

See result of this research hence suggested at employees in part of production (which is noisy terpapar) to use APT (Appliance Protector of Ear) truly and precisely during in noisy environment.


Keyword: Old of activity at noisy presentation, hearing trouble.

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